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CBRNE Detection in Containers



CBRNE attacks known as weapons of mass destruction by creating panic and disrupting daily life (employment, education, etc.).
COSMIC plans to bridge the security gap that currently exists in detection of CBRNE material detection during fast inspection of large numbers of containers in sea ports and in crossing borders.
This will solve a major EU and worldwide security need of for efficient and high-throughput inspection for CBRNE threats.

COSMIC is expected to impact at different levels:


Continuous supply chain

Continuous supply chain

Economy stability

Economy stability

Economic Impact

COSMIC economic impact has several aspect:

  • Continuous supply chain of materials between Europe and worldwide supply chains.
  • Economy stability: The economy (currency, stock exchanges, tourism and ongoing business) is immediately affected by any terror event:. The New York 9-11 attack demonstrated how the economy can be fragile.

Social Impact

COSMIC is planned to have a social impact by raising the ability of European citizens to live in better secured societies.
Illicit transport and illicit use of CBRNE materials have represented and will remain to represent a threat to the European and worldwide societies. The EU has acted on this threat with the CBRN action plan. One of the three main areas of work identified in this action plan is the detection of CBRN materials. The CBRN action plan may be understood as one of the action plans of the EU to combat terrorism. The range of materials that may be used by terrorists extends beyond CBRN to encompass explosive materials and their respective precursors.

Social Impact

Scientific Impact

COSMIC’s research institute partners and technological SMEs (Start-ups) enhance science in the diverse areas of CBRNE detection. The resulting technologies include: Muon technology, PDA technology, NA- NOSE technology and vapour analysis.
The scientific breakthroughs are both in sensor technology and in detection algorithms.

European Impact

COSMIC is planned to close the existing gap between the desired CBRNE threat-detection needed in European crossings border, sea ports and entrances to critical infrastructure sites. COSMIC plans use European-made equipment supported by project partners’ innovations. Its solution is planned to run in all three pilot sites in Europe. Consortium partners’ experience will be shared with border authorities, critical infrastructure security staff, Research and Academia.


Societal Impact, risk perception and communication

The results from the public perception surveys will be used to inform how government, industry and academic experts provide information to the public. Understanding how individuals assimilate information and make decisions will improve how we communicate with the public.

This will in turn lead to more informed decisions and greater exclusion of false or misleading information.

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COSMIC - CBRNE Detection in Containers