14, May 2019

COSMIC awarded 3.5 Million Euro for inspection system to detect CBRNE threats in containers

TEL AVIV, Israel, May 14, 2019 – Lingacom Ltd., a provider of muon-based detection solutions, announced today that the COMSIC Consortium has been awarded a 3.5 million Euro contract by the European Commission’s prestigious Horizon 2020 Research Funding Programme for the development of an advanced inspection system for CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives) threats in shipping containers.
The threat of CBRNE materials used by terrorists is a major concern for EU and worldwide security. At present, high throughput, efficient inspection for CBRNE in containers is still a key challenge. The challenge of improving container border crossing and critical infrastructure entrance security checkpoints is of global importance in fighting terrorist threats, theft and smuggling.

COSMIC project partners, December 2018 Rotterdam

COSMIC project partners, December 2018 Rotterdam

The COSMIC project brings together nine organizations to bridge the gap for fast inspection of large number of containers at seaports and at crossing borders checkpoints for CBRNE threats. The project includes 3 commercial companies (Lingacom, SEADM and ATOS), three research institutes (Technion, Ben-Gurion University and the Spanish National Research Council), and three end-users (Dutch Customs Administration, Israel National police and Spain’s Guardia Civil).
The 30-month project, which is co-funded by the European Commission, started in October 2018. A kick-off meeting was held in Rotterdam on December 2018 and the next meeting will be held in Tel Aviv in June, 2019. The project will be finalized during 2021 by three-field test that will be hosted by the end-user partners at three seaports in Europe and Israel.
COSMIC project brings an innovative system solution based on a three-stage architecture, employing a combination of new CBRNE sensors. The COSMIC three-stage solution has been optimized to facilitate fast and reliable detection of CBRNE threats in shipping containers. COSMIC’s innovative sensors include chemical and explosives sensors for both primary and secondary stages, biological sensors capable to analyze biological threats (bacteria and viruses) at the field and a new approach for primary and secondary detection of shielded nuclear and radioactive materials using a muon cosmic ray sensor.
“This new contract enables COSMIC project to support the European Commission’s objective to protect European citizens from transported CBRNE threats” said David Yaish, Lingacom CEO and COSMIC project Coordinator.


For additional information about COSMIC, visit https://www.cosmic-cbrne.eu/
Or contact the Project Coordinator via email: David Yaish – david@lingacom.com

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COSMIC - CBRNE Detection in Containers