25-27, June 2019

COSMIC June 2019 consortium meeting in Tel Aviv

TEL AVIV, Israel, June 25-27, the COSMIC partners met in Tel-Aviv, Israel, in order to update, discuss and plan the project’s activities. Lingacom (LIN), Sociedad Europea de Análisis Diferencial de Movilidad (SEADM), ATOS Spain (ATOS), Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (TECH), Ben-Gurion University (BGU), Dutch Customs Administration (DCA), Guardia Civil Spain (GUCI), National Centre for Biotechnology of the Spanish National Research Council (CNB-CSIC) and Israel National Police (MOPS INP) participated in the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Lingacom, which is also the Coordinator of the project.
The project’s ongoing Technology Development Action Plan for the technology partners’ various chemical, biological, explosive and nuclear sensors as well as the system analytics and management software has been reviewed and refined, following detailed development status and interdependency updates.

COSMIC June 2019 consortium meeting in Tel Aviv

COSMIC June 2019 consortium meeting in Tel Aviv

COSMIC project partners, June 2019 Tel Aviv

Likewise, the Preparation Plan for the project’s three Field-Trials in Rotterdam, Valencia and Haifa seaports has been reviewed and refined, following planning status and interdependency updates. The exact distribution of the technology tests onto the various pilot-sites has been agreed and finalized.
As part of the meeting, the partners toured the Haifa Field-Trial site, and met with the relevant Customs specialists and managers in charge of the existing and new container inspection facilities.
The project’s past, near-term and future deliverables, as well as the future consortium meeting plan, have jointly been discussed and planned.
Important ethics, security, quality and risk management considerations have been discussed. The consortium’s Ethics Committee and Security Committee reviewed and advanced the project’s Ethics Procedures and Security Procedures. A draft Quality Assurance and Risk Management Plan was discussed and put in place.
Dissemination activities, including close cooperation with ENCIRCLE, have been reported on and planned for the upcoming periods.
“The consortium proudly summarizes a successful, collaborative project initialization period, and looks forward to the delivering the project’s intermediate results” said David Yaish, Lingacom CEO and COSMIC project Coordinator.


For additional information about COSMIC, visit https://www.cosmic-cbrne.eu/
Or contact the Project Coordinator via email: David Yaish – david@lingacom.com

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